Best Wiziwig Alternatives

A place to find all wiziwig alternatives: was a popular online sports streaming website that was recently shut down, due to which many sports fans have actively started exploring alternatives.

I was like you when I heard the closing news about wiziwig. After a week of frustration, I started searching online to find websites similar to wiziwig.

Finally, I collected a good bunch of free sports streaming sites and made this website for sports fans who are looking for similar information.

There are many sites that allow the legal streaming of sports, but not all of them aggregate all streams in one place.

Top 16 Wiziwig Alternatives [2021]

wiziwig alternative

Wiziwig Closing Story:

Wiziwig was hosted in Spain which changed its streaming laws in 2015.

The site was once 1,546 most popular worldwide and was the 239th most-popular site in the UK.

Wiziwig allowed users to access live sports programming.

Millions availed of the service as it was completely free to use, unlike many sports subscriptions that cost a pretty penny every month.

However, at the beginning of 2015, it all came crashing down due to anti-piracy groups and new legislation.

If Wiziwig failed to comply to the new reforms they could have faced fines up €600,000.
So they closed their online streaming site.

The Premier Leagues negative attitude toward Wiziwig also contributed to its demise.

They make a huge amount of money from selling the rights to show Premier League matches to broadcasters. Making it an incredibly lucrative avenue for them.

Streaming sites like Wiziwig threatened their business as sports fans are never going to pay to watch a match when they can download it for free.

Even Google has chimed in on the drama stating "How many Wiziwiggers will upgrade to a Sky or BT Sports subscription? I suspect many fewer than will find other sites that deliver the same service."

And exactly like Google predicted, with the end of Wiziwig came a whole host of new sports streaming sites to take its place, as fans of the site now needed a Wiziwig alternative.

But it does not matter, we have good news for people who are looking for alternative wiziwig.

There is a great list of secure sports streaming sites that are FREELY available on our website.

#1. Cricfree – A Premier HD Live Sports Streaming Website

If you haven’t activated your premium TV subscription yet and your favorite team is playing right now, then one thing you can be confident of is, Cricfree has your back!

Cricfree - Home of Streaming, it is!

In the world of sports streaming, Cricfree – Live Sports Streaming reigns supreme and it’s easy to see why. A modest website, you would say, yet amongst the huge community of ardent sports junkies, the site is more than that. To them, this sports streaming platform is that one savior rarely celebrated, but always at hand to deliver.

Access To All The Biggest Sports Media On The Planet

That Cricfree has all the premium live sports activities from the leading global sports-oriented TV outlets, all heaped together on one platform, is fascinating.

 cric- free live sports streaming

The entire SkySports channels, BT Sports, Eurosport, BeIN, NBC, ESPN, and BBC One are all represented. And the best thing is, you access and view them as if you had an active subscription from them.

Anywhere Across The World, Cricfree is With You

Every single sporting aficionado from every corner of the planet is guaranteed free, unlimited HD sporting action, 24/7. EVERYONE, whether it’s a mad soccer lover in Rio, Brazil, an NBA addict in Ohio, a professional rugby fan from Exeter or even a UFC follower in Moscow, can stream a game, live via Cricfree.

The Aite is Cool and Professional

If you have once tried to access any sports action online, then you have an idea about the many fake and misleading websites that, at best, deliver a poor quality streaming experience. Oftentimes, you will meet a poorly designed website filled with lots of incessantly obstructive ads. Cricfree has none - you follow your favorite La Liga or EPL team or cheer on your best F1 or Motorsport team with no ads standing on your way.

First-class Streaming Experience

Cricfree is miles ahead of the rest. First, it has no Ads – absolutely none, a feature that helps deliver the terrific customer experience. As if that’s not amazing enough, this site presents the various TV channels in a simple and organized manner.

Streaming is a Breeze

Before you choose your favorite sport from the list that’s clearly visible, or even navigate down the list of TV channels, however, the site welcomes you with a list of scheduled activities. The schedule includes all the various sports action, venue and time and, of course, their respective countries.

Like a fine wine, Cricfree has been getting better and better!

At a period when live streaming of sporting activities online is a taboo and similar websites are blocked quickly, Cricfree has never faced such. It has been operating all through and even keeps coming of age and keeps delivering the best experience. For now, it goes without saying that Cricfree – Live Sports Streaming is the undisputed king of live sport streaming online!

Visit Site:

#2. VIP League - A Best Wiziwig Replacement

VIP League is a new free sports streaming website. You will find out that on this website you have access to more sport streaming options than on any other website.VIP League website allows you to stream a great number of sports like Football, UFC, Cricket, WWE, Hockey, Baseball, Boxing, Ice hockey, Tennis, Rugby, Moto GP, Formula and even more. They also offer sports updates. On this website, the subscription is completely free.

I think it is an incredible alternative to Wiziwig. This website allows viewers’ access to any sport of their choice. On VIP Leagues, you have unlimited access to on-time sports update any time and anywhere.

Here customer satisfaction is their priority that's why they offer their videos on HD quality.

If you are a lover of sports then this website is the best option for you as an update on different sports and live telecasts are available here. Here the most popular sports are not the only ones available to you but all sports on the international directory.

#3. Stream2Watch


This streaming site is slightly different from others as it gathers streams from multiple other sites and puts them in one place to make viewing as convenient as possible for their viewers.

It features streams for many sports such as baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball .

However, the only negative of stream2watch is that you will encounter misleading and invasive pop-up ads when trying to access a link.

This is to be expected from a site that uses streams from external sources.

But this is easily solved by downloading a good ad blocker.

#4. Batmanstream

batman stream

This is an incredibly popular site with those looking to stream live sports.

It is available in seven different languages so it is accessible to a huge number of people which is why it is so popular amongst sports fans.

With this site, it is incredibly easy to find and stream your favorite sports as links are easily accessible for almost all sports.

It also carries links for sports that are not as popular such as darts, cycling and WWE, while also supplying links for the more popular sports like football and UFC.

#5. 12thPlayer Live Football Streaming.

 12th player live football streaming

A few years ago, you had to be physically present at a playing field if you wanted to catch your team playing. Another option was to wait until the weekends when the main TV channels offered the best matches of the day.

But with the advent of the internet, all that changed. Today, you can easily watch your favorite team playing right from the comfort of your couch. Streaming webs have multiplied in their numbers and you have lots of options to choose from. Some are paid but there are other free sites too.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at 12thplayer football streaming which is probably the best streaming site you can find on the internet today.

12thPlayer is a webpage that streams match from all over the world.

The main page displays a complete menu where you can choose the kind of sports you are interested in. Once you have selected the match that you would want to watch, there’s another menu spread in the middle of the page.

On the left side of the menu, you can see the country where the match will be played, as well as the scheduled time. Upon selecting the country, all the matches scheduled for that particular day will be available for you. Now, you’ll only have to wait for the kickoff and double click on the link of the match. There will be a screen offering several links based on the match of your selection.

On the right side of the menu, you will be able to find the main competitions of the match you have selected.

All the information that you need is in these links and the best part is, you can adjust the volume as well as watch in full screen.

The site is a very interesting page where you can opt-in anytime to watch some of the most popular sports like football, basketball, hockey, racing, tennis, and rugby.

You also have an option in sport streaming where you’ll be able to watch another less popular sports. From now on, you won’t have any excuse for missing your favorite event.

Aside from catching your favorite sporting events and matches on this page, the site offers some webpages of betting companies, just in case you want to make your bet on the team you support.

For those with a social media presence, you will be interested to know that you can follow events on the site by connecting with them through your social media sites.

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the news on your favorite sports and team.

On Facebook alone, the site has 4.8 million followers, just to give you an idea of how reliable the page is.

As you can see, you won’t find a better place to watch sports.

Last but not least, we would recommend 12 player live football streaming for another important reason. The webpage is totally free of charge. You won’t need to pay cable channels to watch your favorite teams.

#6. SoccerOnline

Here is another new substitute for Wiziwig.

SoccerOnline is a site where you find just all the links you need to stream soccer (football) matches of your choice.

On SoccerOnline, you won't be bugged with advertisements and your subscriptions are completely free. All streaming is free and you don't have to sign up on this site to gain access to the games you wish to stream.

On SoccerOnline, they provide only link access to your sports and not streaming services. Here you have unlimited updates and all sports links to your favorite teams like Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Celtic, Barcelona, Real Madrid and even more.

You are also not required to sign up to enjoy this site, access to their services is straightforward and direct. Sports are also arranged based on your interest here, this means that sports are arranged into different genres.


#7. WiziWig New Site

If you are looking for a site that is similar to WiziWig but is not WiziWig then this has ended your search as this site was created by other website designers and offers services similar to that of WiziWig.

On this website, you have unlimited access to live games. The only problem is that this site has pop-up ads but apart from this, it is a great site.

This site is just what you've been looking for as its services could be compared to that of the best streaming sites and they are all free of charge. This means you get unlimited streaming access to your favorite games free of charge.

All the great sports from football to tennis, cricket or rugby are available on this site. Wiziwig New allows you to stream any game of your choice even the so-called, not popular sports. All the videos available here are in HD quality. Wiziwig New also has a new feature which is the Wiziwig radio.

As the name implies, this site was created to be the perfect substitute for Wiziwig. Its services are all free and it allows viewers access to live games and tournaments from wherever in the world. On this site, you will also find a list containing all the games provided by this site arranged by type. Here your entertainment is sure as all you need is available here. The website is easy to understand and simple to use. To enjoy more of this site's features, you need to sign in.

Site address: |

#8. Sport365

Another website that offers the best sports streaming services is Sport365. This site deals mainly with Football but some other sports are also available on it.

This website gives you access to sports news and updates. On this platform, streaming different sports like Basketball, Cricket, Hockey and Tennis is possible. You will also find on the left side of its home page easy access to live sports. A lot of future games and current games can be seen on its homepage and based on your preference, you can arrange the results.

#9. NewSoccer

Another streaming site that deals mainly with Football is NewSoccer. Current matches can be streamed live on this platform. Sports updates and sports news are other services provided by this site.

World cup matches can also be streamed live on this site. On this site, advertisement is done so expect to see some.

The services provided by this site are completely free and being a part of this platform is also free of any charge.

This site is not available to all countries but this is not a problem as with VPN, you have access to all its services from anywhere in the world. This site is truly a great alternative to Wiziwig.

International league matches can be streamed live on NewSoccer, also on this site, you will be notified of future games.NewSoccer also offers info on tickets availability for matches to its users and provide info on which players its users are expected to see in the upcoming games. The only thing that should be revised on this website is its accessibility issue as it can't be viewed from everywhere in the world.Truly with this site you will have a great uninterrupted streaming experience.


#10. Total Sportek

These days, sports streaming is becoming very popular and new streaming sites are popping up each day. One of such sites and also one of the best is Total Sportek.

This site offers sports streaming and live TV services. On this site, viewers have unlimited access to a wide range of sports. All the features required in a standard streaming site are available here.

This site grants easy access to sports from different countries. The site is straight forward and easy to use and this makes it popular among sports lovers.

Believe me, this site is really impressive and if you try it out, you will find yourself coming back for more.

From it's designed to its interface, it's really wonderful.

This site has a navigation bar with which you can easily access any sport you wish.

Total Sportek makes available a number of different sports like Football, Boxing, Formula 1, MotoGP, Tennis, Rugby, Motorsports and more which makes it a good substitute for Wiziwig.

Different league matches like those of the Europa League, Champions League and more are available on this site and its services are easily accessible.


#11. Sportstream

With the numerous spring up of new online streaming sites, sports lovers may find it difficult to determine which is actually the best but I am here to make it easy for you by presenting SportStream to you. This is one of the best available out there.

With this site, games currently being played wherever in the world can be viewed. This site offers a variety of sports like Hockey, Baseball, Ice hockey, Tennis, Rugby, Motorsports, Football, Badminton and even more.

Its services are arranged in genres for easy access. They are arranged in charts which contain future matches and their time schedule.

Try this site and you will find out that all you ever need to have an incredible streaming experience is available in it. All these characteristics make it a good site like Wiziwig.

Web address:

#12. Livetv

LiveTV is a free sports streaming website that is similar to Wiziwig.

This site is so wonderful that you enjoy every minute you spend on it. On this platform, you can stream currently being played matches anywhere in the world, with this you can never miss a game.

LiveTV offers you the ability to stream a variety of sports all for free.


#13. BBC Sport

bbc iplayer website

This site streams sports such as football and snooker.

It also has the bonus of featuring exclusive sports-related content, such as interviews with players and short documentaries on a particular sport.

However, as the BBC is a British service, only those living in England can access the site.

However, this is easily overcome by downloading a VPN, which will allow you to appear to be in the location of the server you connect to.


#14. Sports Yahoo

yahoo sports

The golden oldie of sports streaming sites is also a best free Wiziwig alternative.

This site is one of the oldest around but it has stayed around for good reason.

Like Wiziwig, Yahoo Sports allows you to stream content for free from NBA games to Cricket matches.

This is Yahoo Sports main draw.

All popular sports are available on the site not only free of cost but also on any device you choose such as Androids, i-phones or PC. It also offers you scores from various games and is updated every couple of hours with current news from every sport, including exclusive videos and interviews with players.

Though Wiziwig may have been free, there are many great streaming services that yes, you have to pay for but some offer a low-cost option.

By paying for the ability to watch sports live you avoid the negatives of free streaming sites like the annoying pop-up ads, region blockers and the need to sometimes install Flash and Adobe player.


#15. ESPN

websites like wiziwig

A hugely popular website that offers sports streaming, at a price.

ESPN broadcasts live US sports in high definition.

Like SkySports you can access certain perks free of charge such as up to date sports news and the scores of all matches that day.

However, to access all content live and on-demand you will have to pay for a specific package.

Luckily ESPN offers a Select Monthly Recurring Pass for just €7.99 a month or even better if you only want to watch one specific game they offer Select 24 Hour Pass for only €5.99 one-off access.

Both of which are cheaper than many other streaming services.

ESPN now also offers an app for you to download.

It is available for Android and IOS users, allowing you the luxury of streaming right from your phone anywhere and anytime.

Losing a site like Wiziwig left many sports fanatics bereft.

Millions used this streaming service every day to watch their favourite sports.

It was one of the go-to sports streaming services because of its quality streams, the number of streams available and the best of all, the free cost.

However, when it was shut down because of new legislation in Spain which saw the creation of an anti-linking law which targets sites like Wiziwig that displays links to content that is unlicensed.

Pressure from sports rights holders including the likes of the Premier League who make money from selling the rights to show their football matches for billions also contributed to its downfall.

Sports fans had no option but to look for a Wiziwig alternative that offered the same service that was also free of charge.

This article has offered you some of the best sports streaming services to choose from and the good news is that most of them are free.

However, if you want to avoid the pop-ups, ads and region blockers that sometimes go hand in hand with free streams you can pay for your streams from the top dogs like Sky Sports and ESPN, which offer specific perks depending on the bundle and price you choose.

These can be as cheap as €7.99.


#16. SkySports

best wiziwig alternatives

This is one of the most popular sports news and live match streaming websites.

SkySports will provide live coverage of your favourite sports such as Football, Golf, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, F1, and Boxing.

For free you have access to match highlights, interviews with players and short videos of brand new sports news.

However, if you want to watch streams of matches in their entirety you will have to pay for it. Sky constantly offers deals ranging from €20 on top of your existing bundle for 6 months to just €9 extra when you are already a Sky customer who is paying for Sky Cinema.

Keep an eye out for deals such as these and you could get lucky and see the perfect price for you.



I hope you enjoy these sports streaming sites. Nowadays, in reality it is very hard to find a quality site that offers free streaming like wiziwig. Because these kinds of sites are like bubbles, they come and disappear quickly. In the future, we will add more sites similar to wiziwig on this website. Please come back and ckeck our list. Thank you for your visit.